N.F.B. zine
vitiligo, stills composition from video poetry

This is the first zine made by a collective of authors which have gathered (or in most cases, have yet to gather) in the “Treća ruka” basement. The N.F.B. zine is accompanied by the moving shadow of Nastasya Filippovna Barashkova, the herione of Dosteovesky’s novel “The Idiot”. Her initials open up a space for examining other identities, pseudonyms, acronyms, and non-normative spaces. An opportunity for an independent undertakings of deconstruction of patriarchal media representation and archetypes.

Poesieautomaten: Frische Gedichte
Eine lyrische Raumin(ter)vention von Matthias Göritz

Joanneumsviertel, Graz, Austria

May, 2021

The Graz Vigil – La Strada Festival

Schlossberg hill, Graz, Austria

5th December 2020 

As a winner of the Writer of the City of Graz scholarship, I took part in the The Graz Vigil project, created by Joanne Leighton, and spent an hour watching the city from the wood installation on Schlossberg, during an early December morning sunrise. After spending an hour there, I was supposed to write something about what I had seen and I wrote a short poem. 

ovako nastaju pjesme 

vratiću se kući

naoštriću sve bojice

a onda ću konačno

napisati pjesmu o džezu

so entstehen gedichte

ich werde zurück nach hause gehen

alle buntstifte schärfen

und dann werde ich endlich

das gedicht über jazz schreiben